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What is Wishbi?
Wishbi is a platform where you can create and share almost anything you want and need. Wishes can be things or in a form of wishing well. Create wishes, organise them in to your wishlists and share with your family and friends.
Is Wishbi free to use?
Wishbi is free to create and share your wishes and wishing wells. However, fees are deducted from each pitched in contribution made to wishing wells.
What is the difference between a Wish and a Wishing Well?
Wishes are things, goods and services. Wishing Wells are wishes that requires funding, whether it be to go towards an event or for whatever you want or need e.g. wedding wishing well to gather funds for honeymoon.
Can I create wishes and wishing wells at the same time?
Yes. You can create and share wishes and wishing wells at any time. However, wishing wells can only run for a maximum of 60 days. Wishes can stay in your wishlist for as long as you like.
Do I have to register to use Wishbi?
Yes, you need to register to get the most enjoyable experience from Wishbi.
How to create a wish?
Simply add Wishbi’s Wish It button to your web browser so you can quickly and easily add wishes to your wishlists from any website. You can also click on the Add Wish button.
How to create a wishlist?
Simply click on Add Wishlist and enter the name of your wishlist in the required field e.g. Birthday.
What can I wish for?
You can wish for almost anything you like except for prohibited contents. Please check Wishbi’s prohibited contents list on our Term page.
Will I get all of my wishes?
As there are many factors to consider, there are no guarantees that you will receive all or any of your wishes. However the more you share your wishes, the more chances you have of individuals seeing them.
Who will claim and grant my wish?
Although your wishes will be visible to anyone, it is more likely that claimers of your wish will be a family member or friend.
Can I wish for money?
If you require funds for an event or to put towards your wish, you can create a Wishbi wishing wells.
What happens if I don't need a wish anymore?
You can easily delete your wish by clicking on Edit Wish button.
Can I decline to accept a claimed wish?
Yes, if you do not want to accept a wish from a claimer or you no long require that wish, please notify your claimer through ‘Contact Me’ in claimer profile section.
What if I don't want any wishes claimed by a particular person?
You can use Wishbi’s ‘block’ function to block anyone you choose.
How do I grant a wish?
Simply click on the Claim button and deliver the Wish within 21 days.
How do I deliver a wish to the Wisher?
Method of delivery will depend on the type of wish. For example if the wish is a product, you can send it with a postal service. Please discuss with Wisher to arrange suitable delivery method.
How will I know if a Wisher has received their claimed wish after I sent it?
Generally the wisher will leave a thank you note in the Thank You Note comment box once they have received the wish. The claimer can also leave a comment or ask for a confirmation in the Thank You Note comment box also.
Does claiming a wish cost money?
Depending on the wish you are claiming to grant, whether or not it will cost money for you to fulfill the wish.
How much money will claiming a wish cost?
This depends on the wish itself.
What happens if I can't deliver the wish after I have claimed it?
If for some reason you are unable to deliver the wish after you have claimed it, please ‘undo claim’ on the wish immediately and contact the wisher to notify them.
How do I create a wishing wells?
Click on the Create Wishing Well button and complete the form.
How long can I run my wishing wells for?
Wishing Wells can run for a maximum of 60 days.
What should I do before starting my wishing well?
Have all your wishing well information, including images ready to support your wishing well.
What information should I include?
Include as much detail as possible to support your wishing well. What are you gathering funds for? Who are you gathering funds for? Why are you gathering funds? etc.
Does Wishbi review wishing wells before launch?
Yes, so it is best that you include as much information as possible to avoid any delays in your wishing well being published.
Wishbi reserves the right to refuse any wishing wells we feel to be inappropriate for Wishbi or if it contains any prohibited content, or for any other reason at our discretion.
Can I edit my wishing well once it's launched?
Yes. Simply click on the edit wishing well on the wishing well page or you can access your wishing well in your dashboard account area. Wisbi recommends you provide regular updates to inform your contributors of the progress of your wishing well.
What can I gather money for?
You can create a Wishbi wishing well for almost anything event you like. It is up to the contributor’s discretion whether or not they want to contribute to your wishing well.
When can I withdraw money that I have received from people pitching in? How long do withdrawals take?
Funds are transferred once your wishing well has ended and it can take up to 14 days for funds to be transferred in to your bank account.
Can I start a wishing well for a friend?
Of course! To help with the success of your wishing well, we recommend you provide as much information as possible about the wishing well, the person you are gathering funds for and why.
Does it cost anything?
Wishbi platform is free to create and share your wishing well, however we do deduct a 5% fee from each pitched in contribution that you receive.
Will my contributors get charged fees on top of their pitched in contributions?
Contributors will only be charged the amount they pitch in. No fees will be charged on top of their contributions.
What if I don't reach my target?
You will still receive the amount that has been pitched in.
How will I know if someone pitched in?
You will see the contributions under orders tab in your profile wishing wells tab.
Do I have to use my real name?
Yes. Wishbi requires registered users to use their real name to provide authenticity and transparency.
Can I make my wishing well private?
Wishbi is a platform that brings individuals together to help make wishes come true. In order to do this, wishing wells can not be made private and must be visible publicly.
Who will pitch in to my wishing well?
Your wishing well will be supported by people in your life e.g. family, friends, work colleagues and team mates. Once you receive support from the people you know, it will encourage the support from others.
What if I'm not comfortable sharing this with family & friends?
There are no options to exclude family and friends from seeing your wishing well, they will assist with the success of your wishing well.
Do I have to use my Facebook account?
No, however Wishbi recommends that you do include your Facebook and other social media accounts to assist with the authenticity of your profile.
Is my country supported?
Yes. Wishbi platform is available world wide.
Can people pitch in from their phones?
Yes. Wishbi platform website can be accessed using mobile devices.
Can contributors give privately?
Private pitch in option will be made available in the near future.
What about taxes and stuff?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific tax information due to various factors i.e. situation, person, wishing well and location.
What is the key to running a successful wishing well?
Unfortunately there is not one specific thing that will guarantee the success of your wishing well. It is important that you actively promote and share your wishing well with family and friends to help with the success of you wishbi wishing well.
How can I promote and share my wishing well?
Easily promote and share your Wishbi wishing well using our social share buttons on each wishing well page.
Will Wishbi help me get media coverage?
It is not feasible for Wishbi to promote each individual wishing well. Wishbi recommend that you self promote through your local newspaper, radio and TV news stations to help spread the word and get your wishing well out there.
What are 'Update' messages?
This is where the wishing well organiser provides progress updates of the wishing well.
Can I thank my contributors for pitching in?
You can thank your contributors through the ‘Update’ section of your wishing well or in the comment section.
How do I know it's safe to contribute to someone?
Unfortunately it is not feasible for Wishbi to investigate each individual wishing wells, it is up to the contributors to make informed decisions whether or not they should make pitch in contributions.
Does Wishbi have a mobile app?
Wishbi mobile App will be made available in the near future. In the meantime you can take full advantage of Wishbi’s full website.
So all I have to do is create my wishing well and I'll receive my required target amount?
Unfortunately no. Once you have created your Wishbi wishing well, you will then need to promote and share your wishing well to help with the success of your wishing well.
What is Immediately Deliver Funds?
This means that each contribution made by contributors will be deducted from the contributors account immediately and the wishing well organiser will receive all contributions made (excluding fees).
Can people in other countries contribute to my wishing well?
Yes, of course! Contributors outside of Australia will be charged in AUD. All contributions will be processed using Stripe. Stripe automatically handles conversions so that you can instantly receive contributions in AUD.
How can I share my wishing well?
Easily share your Wishbi wishing well with family and friends using Wishbi’s social share buttons.
Do you offer PayPal?
No, not at this stage. All contributions will be processed using Stripe. You do not need to have a Stripe account to make a pitch in contribution.