How much does Wishbi cost?


  • Wishbi’s platform fee on all funds received through wishing well is 5%.
  • It is free to sign up, create and share wishes and wishing wells.
  • Fees are deducted from the pitched in funds you actually receive (not the goal you set).
  • In addition Stripe (credit card processor) charge a processing fee, based on several factors, including the funding type and currency you choose, and the country in which your bank is located.
  • Fees are charged per contribution.

*Credit Card fees are charged by payments processor Stripe.

*Credit Card fees are charged per pitched in contribution.








Wishing Wells with bank located outside Australia:

International wishing wells with bank account located outside Australia, a wire transfer fee is charged by the bank.
Fee amount depends on the bank and can differ depending on the bank you are with.

*Credit Card fees are charged per pitched in contribution by payments processor Stripe during the run of your wishing well.
*The wire transfer fee is charged only once by the sending bank when we send all your funds in one lump sum to your bank account after the end of your wishing well.

All wishing wells and fee are in AUD. 

Please consider this when creating your wishing well, Wishbi recommends converting your target amount to AUD prior to creating your wishing well if you are located outside Australia, then list your wishing well in AUD once converted.

For more details about fees, contact